Breath of Life Retreat House -Mailing Address: 5659 Chaparal Lane, P.O. BOX 1615  - Pine AZ 85544
Physical Address: 5659 Chaparal Lane, Pine AZ 85544
Phone: 916-235-6502

 Our Pricing/Rates are based on Group Rates

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Please note that if there are extenuating circumstances for an entire group, you have the option to re book your  retreat for another date one time without losing your deposit. If one or more persons in your group can not make your scheduled retreat, we are not responsible to reimburse individuals.  It is suggested they find someone to take their place or everyone  pitch in to pay the difference .

The Rate Sheet below can be printed out by right clicking on it and saving it to your desktop.

How much does it cost to stay at Breath of Life Retreat House?